Safe drops in fantasy football


Sometimes it’s bad luck, and sometimes you just straight up chose the wrong guy. But roster spots are a valuable commodity in fantasy football, and one of the biggest keys to being successful is knowing when to cut your losses. Now that we have seen a couple of weeks of action, there are a handful of guys who you can safely drop or are rapidly headed in that direction. So if you drafted one of these players and you’ve thought about dropping him for that juicy waiver wire pickup, here is my blessing.

Mitch Trubisky

I have never been much of a believer in Mitch as I just don’t think he has “it.” I was willing to give Matt Nagy the benefit of the doubt, but I don’t like the way this offense is looking early in the season. There are just so many options out there, and his value was dependent on this offense and himself taking the next step this year. Special mention goes out to Anthony Miller as well who is being criminally underused in the offense.

All Eagles RBs

Miles Sanders still deserves roster consideration as he appears to be the top back in Philly. But Doug Pederson is notorious for his timeshares, and there is simply not enough touches to go around between Sanders, Darren Sproles, and Jordan Howard. I avoided this situation from the get-go, but a lot of people bought in on Sanders. Wait it out a bit, but I don’t see an Eagles RB finishing as an RB2 or better this year.

Darrell Henderson

Todd Gurley is getting a lighter workload, and Malcolm Brown is carrying the rest of it. He was hurt at the end of last season when C.J. Anderson went off, but the Rams thought highly enough of him to resign him. I think Darrell Henderson is very talented and has dynasty value, but his current spot on the depth chart does not warrant roster consideration.

Jameis Winston

A popular sleeper pick due to volume, Winston has had a rough go of it to start the season. In theory, Bruce Arians seemed like a great hit for Winston, but he is running out of opportunities down in Tampa. He could turn things around, but I would rather stream QBs right now than trust him week-to-week and there are better options.

Kyle Rudolph

Never been a fan of Rudolph for fantasy but somehow he is ranked a top 10 TE in drafts every season. With Dalvin Cook running the show and Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs as the primary pass catchers, there is just no way Rudolph will have weekly value. The Vikings have shifted to more of a running offense.

Special mention: Cam Newton

We aren’t there, but we’re getting close. Cam is already dealing with injuries and early season struggles. He has always had problems with his accuracy and has battled shoulder problems in recent years. The team is also not running him as they used to in order to protect him. In fact, he has -2 rush yards on the season. Those rushing stats have plopped up Newton in fantasy his whole career. Turning Newton into a pure pocket passer could turn Newton into more of a low-end QB1 and maybe even worse. If you wanted to pick up another or you have two QBs, obviously it depends on the player, but it’s at the point where it’s justified.

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