Andrew McKirahan

Predicting the 2017 Atlanta Braves 2.0 (Post Trade Deadline)

2017. This is the target date that Braves fans have been hearing for months. This is the year in which Suntrust Park is set to …

Andrew McKirahan

Bullpen Help is Coming to Atlanta

The Braves’ bullpen woes are still a subject of concern, but they have been better the last couple weeks. The unit has had more success …

Andrew McKirahan

The Braves Need Bullpen Help ASAP

Unacceptable. Subpar. Intolerable. These are all adjectives that reflect the Atlanta Braves’ bullpen this season. Coming into this season it looked like Atlanta’s bullpen would …


Braves Weekly Recap: (5/25-5/31)

The Braves are not the biggest fans of the West Coast. In LA, the Braves looked like 2014 all over again. No run support, a …

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