Vaughn Grissom

Braves: Anthopoulos again shows confidence in Vaughn Grissom starting

Before the season, I said multiple times that there was next to no chance that Vaughn Grissom would open next season as the starting shortstop …

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Falcons: What are the expectations for Desmond Ridder to end the season?

After a brief layoff, the SportsTalkATL Podcast is back with a ton of intriguing topics to discuss. Desmond Ridder has been named QB1 in Atlanta …

357160302053 Braves at Orioles

Ben Verlander no longer believes Braves re-sign Dansby Swanson

The Dansby Swanson saga is reaching a boiling point it seems. We’ve already seen Trea Turner sign for $300 million, becoming the first of the …

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Alex Anthopoulos

Report: Braves believe they have the prospect capital to make a big trade

With the Mets signing Justin Verlander and the Phillies coming to an agreement with Trea Turner, the expectation is for the Braves to make a …

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What does Trea Turner’s contract mean for Dansby Swanson and the Braves?

After weeks of next to nothing following the conclusion of the World Series, the hot stove is now scorching as we enter December. Jacob deGrom …

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Austin RIley

5 Best Braves trades of the last 40 years

With Shelby Miller signing a major-league deal with the Dodgers yesterday, I recently did a piece on the trade that landed Dansby Swanson in Atlanta, …


Braves: Reminiscing the trade that brought Dansby Swanson to Atlanta

Something happened yesterday that reminded me of arguably the greatest trade in Braves franchise history. Shelby Miller signed a major-league deal with the Los Angeles …

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What would a Braves trade for Willy Adames look like?

Last week, our own Alex Lord discussed another potential option for the Braves at shortstop, trading the Brewers for Willy Adames. I don’t think it’s …

Vaughn Grissom

Braves preparing for worst case scenario: Dansby Swanson walks

Free agency became a lot less exciting for Braves fans following Ken Rosenthal’s report that it is basically Dansby Swanson or bust this offseason. He …

Dansby Swanson free agent

Keith Law predicts Dansby Swanson will sign a massive contract

The opinions on Dansby Swanson amongst many Braves fans are split. Some people, like myself (and most educated fans… kidding… kind of), believe Swanson has …

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