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Atlanta Falcons

Falcons: Congratulations are in order, but Drew Brees will not be missed

After 20 NFL seasons, Drew Brees is retiring from professional football. He broke the news via Instagram with a video featuring his children making the …

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Atlanta Falcons

Can the Falcons take advantage of NFC South QB controversy?

Not all is perfect in Atlanta going into 2020, but they know who will be under center, and that’s more than you can say about …

Cam Newton

Time for the Falcons to take advantage of a wide open NFC South

Last year, the injury bug hit the Falcons like a truck from the get-go. After three weeks, there was essentially no chance their hobbled squad …

Cam Newton

Ranking the NFC South by position: Quarterbacks

#4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Winston has been mighty impressive for a quarterback who was forced to start in his first 32 games. The Florida State …

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