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Friday Rant: The Hawks have been exceptionally unlucky with injuries

I was so excited when this NBA season first tipped off. Atlanta was scoring at will, setting records, and beat the championship-contending Brooklyn Nets. The …

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Atlanta Falcons

Friday Rant: It’s tough being a Falcons fan

People from outside of the city, or the Falcons fan base, think they know how tough it must be to cheer for the Falcons or …

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Friday Rant: There is no more deserving MVP candidate than Freddie Freeman

In my Braves’ bold predictions piece from before the season started, I actually pegged Freddie Freeman, not Ronald Acuña, to win the MVP award. However, …

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Braves Friday Rant: It’s past time to DFA Robbie Erlin

This has been unbelievably frustrating. Frankly, I have no idea why the Braves even picked up Robbie Erlin in the first place after he was …

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Friday Rant: Julio Jones snubbed again for First-Team All-Pro

Friday Rants are back baby! We’ve got a juicy one today. First-Team All-Pro selections were announced, and DeAndre Hopkins was somehow selected over Julio Jones. …

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