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Early impressions of the Falcons rookie class

At the beginning of the offseason, I truly felt the Falcons would carry all nine rookies from the team’s 2021 draft class. Rarely do rookies …

Falcons: AJ Terrell Greatness on display
AJ Terrell

Grading the Falcons 2020 rookie class

Like most of us, the Falcons would like to forget 2020 ever occurred. The season was chaos from start to finish, and before we even …

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Atlanta Falcons

Evaluating the Falcons offseason arrivals and departures

After every season, NFL teams all have some degree of roster turnover regardless of the season’s outcome. Roster turnover fluctuates from team to team depending …

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Atlanta Falcons

Falcons rookies standing out in training camp

If the Falcons are going to go from back-to-back 7-9 seasons to Super Bowl contenders, their draft class will have to be incredibly impactful. So …

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Atlanta Falcons

Falcons: Ranking rookies by their potential impact in 2020

For all football players, this offseason is going to be a peculiar one, but for rookies especially, they are going to have to catch on …

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Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football: Rookie WRs that found themselves in great landing spots

It is already hard enough for a rookie to contribute as a force in fantasy football. Even if the talent is there, it usually boils …

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Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football: Top 10 Dynasty Rookies (Pre-Draft)

Situation and opportunity is the key to player success in fantasy football. Skill level remains the main X-factor, but it is truly a mix of …


Hawks: Predicting stat lines for the starters

The 2019-2020 Hawks season will be all about development, featuring a lineup chock full of sophomores and rookies that will be learning how to play …


What each Hawks rookie needs to work on the most

With two games left until the All-Star break and two-thirds of the NBA season behind us, we have a good idea of what to expect …

2018 draft

Grading the Falcons 2018 draft after one year

The Falcons’ 2018 rookie class showed a lot of promise per usual in their first complete season. Thankfully, for the most part, this group remained …

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