dhz181115083 sas vs lac

Report: Hawks expressed trade interest in Jakob Poeltl

There is no reason for Travis Schlenk to be satisfied with the way the Hawks’ roster is constructed at the center position. Reports have indicated …

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Trae Young eyes return as Hawks face Spurs

Last Tuesday night against the Heat, Trae Young tumbled to the floor in excruciating pain, holding onto his ankle. Thankfully, both his X-Rays and MRI …

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Report: Trae Young will practice, set to play tomorrow barring setback

When Trae Young went down with an ankle injury and had an extended stay down on the hardwood, it is needless to say Hawks fans …

Atlanta Hawks

With the Sign and Trade for Millsap complete, focus turns towards Jamal Crawford

The Hawks three-way sign and trade deal with the Nuggets and Clippers is now officially complete. Sign and trades have become rare in recent years, …

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