The Falcons get a huge draft day steal in Calvin Ridley


The Falcons hit on a home run pick on Thursday night. They chose another stud Alabama wide receiver in Calvin Ridley.

At 26th overall, this is an incredible value. The Falcons got arguably the top receiver in this year’s draft class in Ridley, who likely fell due to the offense he played in at the college level. Jalen Hurts threw mostly short passes and ran the ball himself a lot, which stunted Ridley’s production. However, Ridley is a crisp route-runner who should be ready to contribute day one. When he had a gunslinging quarterback his freshman year in Jake Coker, Ridley had by far his best season statistically.

Ridley is not the biggest or fastest prospect by any means. He kind of is what he is, and he may only end up being a really good number 2 option, but that is all the Falcons need. He is about the safest bet there is to give you just that. The team may not have gotten the defensive tackle they needed here, but this has a shot at being the best pick in the first round and they got a solid playmaker. Atlanta has a shot at being the best offense in the NFL this season with Ridley now in the mix.

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