The Hawks have the best draft assets of any team for 2019


It is no secret that the Hawks are in the midst of a rebuilding process, and a big part of that has been accumulating picks. is a site that power ranks the draft assets of every NBA team. Now keep in mind a huge part of these preseason rankings are mere speculation on where the teams will fall in the lottery. However, the Hawks have by far and away the best assets of any team, and this is not even including the Cavs first rounder, which they do not project the Hawks to receive, as it is top 10 protected.

They have the Hawks finishing first overall, which means they think the Hawks will be the worst team in basketball next season. However, their 187.35 score smoked the next-best score, which was the Celtics at 155.59. Tankathon also has the Hawks projected to receive the 8th, 31st, 41st, and 55th picks in this year’s draft. R.J Barrett and Bol Bol were mocked to be selected by the Hawks with the two lottery picks.

The Hawks already have some young players with star potential in John Collins and Trae Young, and it appears it is only a matter of time until more talent is added to the pool. Despite the NBA lottery reform, the Hawks are in a good spot to receive at least two lottery picks in next year’s draft.

Star talent and the Atlanta Hawks have not been put in the same sentence since the 1990’s, so this should be considered an exciting time for true Hawks fans despite the struggles that the next couple seasons could bring. Trust the process.

You can find these power rankings here, and this site is definitely a handy tool for Hawks fans right now.

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