The most undervalued, overvalued QBs in fantasy football drafts

jared goff 2018

QB is a great position to wait on this year. You can load up on the core of your team and still grab a top 10 QB if you select a couple of options late. But for guys to slip in the rankings, there has got to be others being taken way too early as well. Here are two QBs who I think are going way too high, and two who are going way too low right now.



Baker Mayfield

We all know Baker is one of the up and coming quarterbacks in this league. He is also primed for an excellent season, as the front office has surrounded him with immense talent. However, he is being drafted too high at QB4. Taking Baker at that spot is essentially paying the price for his ceiling, which is a top 5 QB. His arm may get him there, but the only way I see Baker living up to his draft value is if we see him use his legs more as well. I would rather wait around for a safer thing like Matt Ryan, but would you be all that surprised if Phillip Rivers or Kirk Cousins finished ahead of Mayfield? They are being selected outside the top 15 QBs. Draft a position player in this spot, please.


Kyler Murray

Yep, another Oklahoma QB. I’m actually pretty high on both of them. But at the end of the day, Kyler Murray is a rookie playing behind a bad offensive line under a first-year head coach who had a losing record as an OC in college last season. The rushing and passing potential for points is being reflected in his ADP. However, I simply think QB13 is a little high. If you waited that long for a QB, taking him here is not terrible but make sure you pair him with a competent veteran who is safe on the bench.




Jared Goff

Goff is never the sexy pick in a fantasy draft. Right now he is the 9th QB being taken off the board. But if I am being candid: I would rather have him than Carson Wentz, Cam Newton, and Russell Wilson, who are all going ahead of him. The key is the Rams’ offense. As long as they remain one of the top 5 units in the league, Goff will be a sure-fire top 10 QB. He finished as QB12 after missing a game in 2017, and QB7 last year. Not to mention, perhaps his favorite target in Cooper Kupp returns. Add in that they may try to limit Gurley’s reps some, and you will find Goff passing the ball more as he continues to advance. He is one of the safest picks with a ton of upside as well, and I think he’s being undervalued.


Phillips Rivers

In the last decade, only once has Rivers finished outside the top 15 QBs. Half of those seasons he had top 10 finishes. Yet, in drafts this year, he is being taken as QB17. Rivers is coming off a fantastic year and figures to be in another great offense next season. Keenan Allen is his go-to, and Mike Williams is coming into his own. Hunter Henry will also be returning. We all remember how much Rivers fed Antonio Gates when he was an absolute red zone monster. I think he puts up a lot of TDs next season with these weapons. Your fantasy team is honestly not in that bad of shape if you wait on a guy like Phillip Rivers, take a high upside flyer, and load up elsewhere.

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