To Take a Gamble or to Pass on Aldon Smith?


Talk about someone with incredible talent just making idiotic decisions. Aldon Smith was released by the 49ers earlier today due to a hit and run incident. Smith is one of the best and polished pass-rushers in the NFL. His talent is absolutely mesmerizing, totally 32.5 combined sacks in the 2012 and 2013 seasons. He had 19.5 total sacks in 2012, 3 sacks shy of Michael Strahan’s record of 22.5. A player can have all the talent in the world, but if he can’t get his act together, then he will eventually find his way out of a job. Below is what kind of trouble Smith has gotten himself into in his NFL career.

  • January 2012- Arrested on suspicion of DUI
  • October 2013- Charged with three felonies related to the illegal possession of an assault weapon
  • September 2013- Arrested on suspicion of DUI
  • April 2014- Arrested at Los Angeles International Airport for making a false bomb threat
  • August 2015- Arrested for Hit and Run, DUI, and vandalism

With that track record, Smith might never play an NFL down again. It’s just time after time after time that Smith continues to find a way to make headlines, but in the wrong way. Smith is not just hurting himself, but he is affecting his family, friends, teammates, coaches, and organization. He needs to grow up, plain and simple.

Why take a gamble on Aldon Smith if you are the Atlanta Falcons? There are plenty of reasons to pass, but there are definitely reasons to take the chance. For staters, he would bring an immediate upgrade to Atlanta’s edge rushing. The man will be hitting the quarterback constantly, and will open up holes for the other defensive lineman. Not only is he a great pass-rusher, but he surprisingly is very solid in coverage. In 2013, Pro Football Focus rated Smith’s pass coverage at 21.4 overall, an incredible number for an outside linebacker that primarily rushes the passer.

Now the possibility of the Falcons nabbing Smith is slim to none. Ever since the Michael Vick incident, the team has shied away from bad character players. However, Smith might be racking up the arrests, but he can also rack up the sacks. I believe the man needs a new city and a new change to his life. Falcons head coach Dan Quinn would seem like the perfect coach to help Smith not just as a football player, but as a person. As an eight-year veteran, some of the plays he has made have been absurd. If you don’t believe me, just watch his highlight video below.

It’s a tough predicament for the Falcons if they do in fact sign Smith. The media will be all over for whatever team does sign the pass-rusher. Usually teams tend to give players second chances, but Smith has already messed up five times. Is he mature enough to realize if he stays out of trouble that he will never have to worry about job security? His play is amazing, but his off the field antics might be too much. That is the reason Atlanta will pass on Smith. And if the Falcons decide to add Aldon Smith, I wouldn’t mind. If he found himself in trouble again, he should be kicked off the team immediately. Smith’s football talents could help the Falcons defense immensely, but don’t expect him to be lining up opposite to Vic Beasley anytime soon.

What do you think fans? Should the Falcons take a gamble on Smith or pass up? Comment and Vote Below!

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