Trae Young guarantees the Hawks a Christmas game


Think whatever you want of Trae Young or the draft day trade that sent him to Atlanta. There is one thing that is for certain: he is a culture-changing player.

Sure, Trae Young has not stepped on the floor of an NBA game yet. Nevertheless, he is already the representative “star” of the Hawks that they have not had in decades. Now, he has to let his play speak for the rest. This will have to be the case for him to fulfill his promise to Hawks fans:

As a Hawks fan, this makes me happy to see. The Hawks have never been an exciting enough team to be a headliner on Christmas Day, which has the finest slate of regular season games all season. Sure, maybe Trae Young will bust like many have predicted. Personally, I think we have a talented, culture-changing player that should make Hawks fans excited for the years to come. Trae Young has superstar potential, and hopefully, he can deliver on this promise.

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