Travis Schlenk is prioritizing flexibility, suggests potential move on draft night


Hawks fans, go ahead and watch this video. It speaks volumes for the future vision of the team under Travis Schlenk.

Here is what really stuck out during that conversation:

He wants to maintain flexibility. 

He must have said it a million times.

Schlenk talked about wanting to maintain flexibility and accumulating and developing as many young assets as possible. This is the first time we have heard Schlenk talk about maybe going in a different direction than re-signing Paul Millsap, and going young. If the team were to retain their 4-time All-Star, they would have virtually no way to bring in any more talent unless they make a trade. This could affect the future of Dwight Howard and Kent Bazemore as well, as Schlenk may do what Danny Ferry did when he started and simply shed salary. Ownership has made it clear they want to retain Millsap. If they could work miracles and dump Kent Bazemore’s contract, Paul Millsap is an asset worth holding onto on a three-year deal. Worst case scenario, they could get a return for him. But if Schlenk seeks flexibility, re-signing Millsap may not be in his best interest.

The Hawks could be active on the night of the NBA Draft.

The Hawks have a bunch of picks stockpiled over the next two seasons, including the 19th, 31st and 60th picks in this year’s Draft. Schlenk says the team may look to move up or down in the order. It would not be too surprising if Schlenk makes his first splash as a GM on Draft night. With such a loaded talent pool this season, fans will hope Schlenk can bring some of that Golden State Warriors draft magic over with him. This would be the perfect year to move up and get a great value pick.

Buckle up Hawks fans. It could be an interesting summer.



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