Vince Carter wants to play one more season

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Vince Carter has been a great addition to the Hawks. Not only has he provided the team with veteran leadership, he’s been a quality contributor off the bench as well.

Just in the past week, the 42-year old Carter has had games in which he played 45 minutes and made seven three-point shots.

During an interview yesterday with Pardon the Interruption, Carter voiced that he would like to to return for another season.

Since Carter’s contract will expire at the end of the season, it is yet to be seen whether he will retire an Atlanta Hawk. It would be an honor, as he is a lock for the Hall of Fame at the conclusion of his career. Carter will hit free agency but considering what he has offered the rebuilding team; there appears to be a strong chance they will attempt to bring him back for one more season.

It certainly has been a pleasure to watch Vince throughout his career, even as he has transitioned from an explosive superstar to a role player as he has aged. Despite being the oldest active player, Carter has proven he can still play and is shooting 41% from beyond the arc this season. If Carter feels his body can hold up another season, the results are not suggesting otherwise.

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