Your last minute fantasy football running backs not to draft

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The time has finally come – fantasy football draft season. While some leagues may have done it earlier, the majority of you are probably about to draft. A lot is going on right around now. Players being cut, traded, signed, and we even have a couple of holdouts on our hands. So with the way everything is shaking out, who should you avoid in your drafts? Let’s take a look.

Kerryon Johnson


Damien Williams

Love this kids talent, and there is no better place to be than in KC with Andy Reid for fantasy purposes. But Williams may not have the size to be a full-time back and has yet to do so in his career. Now, Andy Reid has gone out and signed Lesean McCoy, and I do not think he’s bringing in McCoy to be a full-time backup. I know a lot of you think he is washed, but Andy Reid could turn your grandmother into a 1,000-yard rusher in the NFL. The majority of the snaps will go to Shady this year. Don’t use a top 50 pick on a guy who is about to lose his job. He will still have a role, but probably not one you can depend on a week-to-week.

Josh Jacobs

I don’t know if it is Hard Knocks or what, but Josh Jacobs is going way too high in fantasy drafts. The Raiders are yet to prove anything, and while he will probably have a decent amount of touches, Jacobs’ rookie year may not be as fruitful as many think. Even Todd Gurley struggled as a rookie in the wrong situation. He does have some pass-catching ability for PPR leagues, but there is a long list of RB’s going behind him I would rather draft. Jacobs should have a great career but stay away from him this year.


I love the talent of all three of these guys, but their draft value is being placed at their ceilings, not their floors. I am all for drafting for upside, but it has to be for good value. There is a strong chance these guys disappoint this season. I will put any of these players on my roster at the right price, but there is a 99% chance that will not happen in my drafts. If you reached for one of these guys, you just lit one of your top picks on fire.

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