3 Potential Landing Spots For Andrelton Simmons


NOTE: The Braves said that they would have to have an “overwhelming” offer. I consider these offers to be overwhelming.

Get your oven mitts, Braves fans. The stove is officially piping hot. Andrelton Simmons has been in trade talks today, and more than half of the major league clubs have contacted the Braves about Simba. Don’t get me wrong, I love Simba, but he’s very tradeable. He has a nice contract and plays elite defense, which means the Braves can get a haul for him. This deal needs to happen. The front office knows what they are doing. Simmons will not be traded for nothing, someone is going to overpay for him. The question is who. Losing a fan favorite is tough, but he’s a .250 hitter that hits into a minimum of 20 double plays a year and only about 5 Home Runs. His contact rate is high, his defense is amazing, but he just isn’t a good fit for a team that doesn’t score runs. Unless the offer Coppolella and company get is amazing, I say keep Simba. Just know that he’s probably the best trade chip we have. See what you can get, if it isn’t enough, don’t make a move.


1. Colorado Rockies

I have the Rocks at #1 because the writer who first broke the trade talks is out of Denver. The Rockies have a lot of nice pieces to offer, and the main ones I would demand in a trade package are:

MLB Ready Talent, 1 of 3: OF Charlie Blackmon, 2B DJ LeMahieu, or 3B Nolan Arenado. I don’t think I need to specify who my first choice is.

Top 10 Prospect, 1 or 2 of 4: SP Jeff Hoffman, OF David Dahl, 3B Ryan McMahon, 2B Forrest Wall. I would love Brendan Rodgers, but he’s not available due to only being taken in last year’s draft.

Mid Level Prospect, 1 of 3: SS Cristhian Adames, SP David Hill, C Tom Murphy. Adames is my first choice. .311 Hitter.

If the Braves were to receive Arenado (fat chance), the prospects would go off of the board but a package consisting of Blackmon or LeMahieu, Hoffman, McMahon, and Adames would be an excellent haul. I’d also try to work in a Bourn/Swisher swap for Reyes.


2. San Diego Padres

The Padres don’t have much to offer, but I know they’re interested. Their deals with us have been fairly successful before, so let’s see what I would demand off the bat.

MLB Ready Talent, 1 or 2 of 3: SP Tyson Ross, IF Alexi Amarista, IF Corey Spangenberg. Decent, developing middle infield pieces and a future 2 starter.

Top 10 Prospects, 1 of 2: OF Hunter Renfroe, C Austin Hedges. No ifs, ands, or buts about these 2. We’ve missed out on them twice now. If San Diego isn’t willing to part with them, hang up the phone.

Mid Level Prospects, 1 or 2 of 3: SP Casey Kelly, SP Ryan Butler, C Austin Allen. All decent, developing players to restock the farm system.

I think Spangenberg is developing into a good ballplayer, and Ross is going to make a good team very happy one day. Renfroe is an elite power prospect, and Hedges has drawn comparisons to Brian McCann. If this is too much for San Diego, we have 15-20 other suitors.


3. New York Mets

Who doesn’t love a deal with the Devil? The Mets tried to acquire Simba before the Uribe/Johnson deal in July, so let’s see if the winter has cooled down the talks. We’ve been told Coppolella asked for deGrom or Harvey, so we may just be gauging them at this point.

MLB Ready Talent, 1 of 3: OF Michael Conforto, SP Noah Syndergaard, SP Steven Matz. To be honest, I really don’t see the Mets moving any of their big 4. Conforto will be a top 10 MLB outfielder here soon, so don’t sleep on him. May have a chance to snag him NOW. If we get one of these 3, skip the top 10 prospects.

Mid Level Prospects, 2 of 3: C Ali Sanchez, SS Luis Carpio, 3B Eudor Garcia. Bats, Bats Bats. Let’s hope, at least.

I don’t see us making a deal with the Mets. They just had a World Series berth, and anything that would mess up the core just seems like too much for them. I would keep an eye on them, though. They really want Simmons.

TEAMS TO WATCH: Dodgers, Padres, Cubs, Diamondbacks, Rockies, Mets, White Sox, Angels.

We’ll keep you updated on trade talks here at SportsTalkAtl.com.

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