Add Jay Williams to the list of names who wants to see Zion on the Hawks

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A former Duke star himself, Jay Williams is now a lead personality in ESPN’s college basketball department. Recently, TMZ caught up with him to ask about Zion Williamson and what the best situation is for the ultra-talented forward that is the most hyped up prospect since Lebron James.

Take a look:

A New York resident, Williams shied away from saying the Knicks are the premier potential landing spot for Williamson, citing their owner, James Dolan, as the primary deterrent. Instead, he went with Atlanta, saying it would be “dope to see him in ATL with Trae Young.”

Although the Hawks have long been castaway by analysts around the NBA for decades, people who follow the game carefully are beginning to realize something is brewing down south. Trae Young is already among the most exhilarating players in the league to watch, along with his teammate John Collins. The two create a pick-and-roll tandem that is a lock to deliver two or three highlight plays on a nightly basis. Now imagine adding Zion Williamson to the mix.

The 6’6″, 285-pound power forward/wing hybrid would have the Hawks rivaling Lob City in it’s prime. Williamson is going to be electric and a multi-year All-Star wherever he goes, but his game fits flawlessly with a playmaking point guard that can make the most out of his athletic abilities like Trae Young. The Hawks are also embracing a run and gun style of play much like the Warriors and Rockets out west. Watching Zion Williamson in transition is a blessing we shouldn’t take for granted; watching Zion Williamson running down the court with Trae Young would be heaven on earth.

The NBA Draft isn’t until June 20th, but we will know where Zion will be playing on May 14th when the NBA Lottery takes place. The Hawks have a 10.5% of winning the #1 overall pick.

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