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Chase Irle

Founder and writer for Graduate from LSU with an addiction to sports. If you are interested in writing, contributing in any way, or have any questions or comments email me at
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Falcons add XFL linebacker

With the XFL season cut short thanks to the coronavirus, players are free to sign with NFL teams, and the Falcons have not hesitated in adding them. Earlier this week, they brought in tight end Khari Lee. Today, they inked linebacker Edmond Robinson of the Houston Roughnecks. Robinson had a brief NFL career before joining

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Will the Braves get first-half Dansby in 2020?

Braves: MLB announces plans in preparation for a shortened season

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the US, the reality of the MLB playing a shortened season has become inevitable. Despite both sides wanting to complete the full 162-game slate — with the earliest potential start date being mid-May (although, that seems unlikely at this point) — something between a 100 and 140-game

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Hawks: Positive takeaways from the 2019-2020 season

The NBA may resume the 2019-2020 season, but for teams outside of the playoff picture, it is over. The Hawks finished 20-47 — well below their expectations — following a close loss against the Knicks in what will be the final game of their season. However, several unforeseen factors went into that record, like John

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Shortened season not great news for the Braves

As of now, the MLB season won’t start until at least Mid-May, but with the way things are going, I expect that to turn into June and possibly even July. Eventually, the spread of the coronavirus will slow down, and things will go back to normal. However, that may not be for a little, and

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Report: Falcons sign Allen Bailey to a one-year extension

Allen Bailey was a candidate that looked to be on the chopping block coming into the offseason, given the Falcons tight cap situation, but Dan Quinn and company evidently liked what he offered in his first year with the team. They opted to hold onto him for at least 2020 and even gave him a

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Free Agents the Falcons could still pursue

The Falcons don’t have the money to make a splash for a player like Jadeveon Clowney or even Everson Griffen, but they do still need to make some additions in free agency and can work around the cap enough to pick up at least one — if not two — guys that could make a

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Falcons: Reviewing each cut of the offseason

With virtually no cap space heading into the new year, the Falcons had to make several cuts in order to sign any significant free agents. Some were more gut-wrenching, or head-scratching if you will than others, while a few were the result of porous spending by management. Still, Atlanta was able to acquire a couple

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Falcons: Draft day first-round wish list

Following the signings of Dante Fowler Jr. and Todd Gurley, the Falcons have minimal money available to spend for the remainder of free agency — even after restructuring the contracts of Jake Mathews, Matt Ryan, and Allen Bailey. They will likely fill the remainder of their roster with cheap options that possess some upside, like

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