Analyst unironically suggests Eagles turn to Ex-Falcons QB Marcus Mariota

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The Eagles sit atop the NFC with a 10-2 record but are coming off a total beat down at the hands of the 49ers. At least one former NFL quarterback thinks Philadelphia should turn away from Jalen Hurts and to former Falcons quarterback Marcus Mariota.

“Clearly, Jalen is uncomfortable reading through a defense in a drop-back pass scenario, some would say he’s not even good at it,” Carr said. “You have to have a serious conversation if you’re Philly and you have to really say ‘Is it better for us to play Marcus Mariota right now and let Jalen get fully healthy?”

Carr said this unironically. Watch the video if you don’t believe me.

“Put Marcus in there, win a couple of games, maybe you have the No. 1 seed still, you might have it,” Carr said.”I’d say [Mariota] is better at playing quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles right now. Right now, he’d be more productive.”

Jalen Hurts finished second in the MVP voting last year and has totaled 31 touchdowns against 10 interceptions this season while Marcus Mariota was benched last year in favor of an unproven third-rounder in Desmond Ridder.

I have no idea if Carr is confused or delusional, but the fact of the matter is the Eagles have never been and will never be better off with Mariota under center instead of Hurts.

Falcons fans can attest to just how pathetic of a passer Mariota is at this stage in his career. There will be bright moments where he convinces fans to potentially trust him and then he’ll do things like this:

75% of Jalen Hurts is still better than 100% of Marcus Mariota. Falcons fans know this better than most.

Photographer: Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire


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