As expected, Falcons offense receives harsh grades from PFF


Wide receiver Julio Jones was unbelievable in yesterday’s win, which is why a 90.3 grade by Pro Football Focus almost seems low. Sadly, he was about the only offensive player to show up.

Fresh off a fat contract extension, Jake Mathews was easily the best offensive linemen and still left much to be desired. The most surprising grade has to be Alex Mack, who usually hovers around a grade of 90 for the entire season. It just goes to show you how talented the Philadelphia defensive line is. This is one of the best offensive lines in the league, and they were manhandled by the Eagles yesterday.

Those offensive line struggles were a prime reason why Matt Ryan looked like a rookie quarterback. He finished with a completion percentage under 50%, something you rarely see from him, and looked skittish the entire night. For an offense that came into the season with such high expectations, week one was a major let down.

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