As Julio Jones settles in with his new team, the Falcons are finally signing their 2021 rookie class

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The Julio Jones trade buzz was initially built around the narrative that Terry Fontenot was shopping the All-Pro due to salary cap restraints brought on by the former regime. It was directly attributed, at one point, that the cap relief from a Julio Jones trade would be used to sign the 2021 rookie class. Then in more recent reports, it was discovered that Jones initiated the conversation by requesting a trade months ago.

The reality is Fontenot could’ve done a million different things to create the cap space needed to sign this year’s draft class, but Jones’s trade demand gave him an avenue to do so — killing two birds with one stone. Now that the trade is official, both sides are adjusting to their new lives — with and without Julio Jones.

Titans players, coaches, and media are all drooling over the thought of Jones in the record-breaking offense from a year ago, but in Atlanta, the Falcons are finally starting to sign their 2021 draft class after Jones’s contract came off the books. A few days ago, the Falcons were the only team in the league yet to sign a single draft pick. Now, the first dominos have fallen in the form of Avery Williams and Ade Ogundeji getting their rookie deals done.

The trade is completed, and Fontenot is now using the newfound cap relief to sign his first draft class.


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