At the very least, Falcons will be ‘entertaining’ in 2023

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Although many expect improvement from the Falcons in 2023, nothing is guaranteed. The club invested heavily into the roster this offseason, which should net better results from the back-to-back 7-10 finishes. However, there are still a couple of unknowns.

There are as many as eight new starters on the defensive side of the ball from last year’s season opener. That’s a lot of new faces. Moreover, a new coordinator has been added to the mix. Ryan Nielsen has talent to work with, but it could take time for everything to mesh.

However, more than anything, Desmond Ridder presents a lot of unknowns.

I believe in the third-round pick to act as a point guard, able to distribute the ball to his playmakers, of which there are many — Kyle Pitts, Drake London, Bijan Robinson, etc.

“It’s the explosiveness that we know this team can have,” Ridder said. “It would be exciting to go out there and see big plays happening left and right. And honestly, for me, it’s about just keeping the ball moving forward.”

Still, let’s call a spade a spade; Ridder doesn’t project as someone who can take over a game like Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, or other top signal callers. The Falcons offense might not be among the best in the league, but it certainly should be entertaining at the very least.

“You have all of this talent on the offense and the defense,” Robinson said. “I think it’s entertaining because when you get the ball in our hands we can make something happen with it.”

Desmond Ridder is going to have to make a couple of tight window/big-time throws in a game to propel his team to victory. For the other 90% of the time, he’s just got to play within Arthur Smith’s system, which should be quite fun to watch for Falcons fans.

Photographer: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire
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