Atlanta Falcons: Rich McKay in line to replace Roger Goodell?


Jason La Canfora has been making a few headlines this week, as he released some important information about Falcons team president, Rich McKay. We knew that McKay has played a key role in recent years in the league’s front-office, but it appears he is much tighter with Roger Goodell than many may have thought.

Take a look at this quote from Canfora below:

“There was a movement afoot in recent years to bring in Falcons team president Rich McKay to oversee the NFL‘s football operations, according to sources with knowledge of the situation, but it was scuttled by the league’s owners and their drive to curtail spending at the NFL offices.”

While that move was ultimately shot down, it does sound like McKay has the support he needs to make run for commissioner when the time comes:

“McKay is very highly thought of by Goodell and, prior to the ugly and public drama surrounding the commissioner’s new contract extension in 2017, the Falcons executive was seen as someone Goodell might champion as his possible replacement. With Atlanta having secured its new stadium already, some close to McKay believe he would have relished such a position at the league office, though it’s considered a moot point by now.”

It’s a moot point now because Goodell just signed an extension through the 2023 NFL season; however, that doesn’t mean we should lose sight on McKay possibly getting the position for 2024. McKay has played an important role in some of the league’s biggest initiatives in recent years, giving him the reputation and credentials he’ll need to meet expectations for the league’s most-prestigious job.


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