Report: Braves interested in bringing back Markakis


This past weekend, the Braves decided not to offer Nick Markakis a qualifying offer for 2019. However, this does not rule out a potential return to the Braves, and Alex Anthoplpous confirmed that on Monday.

Markakis is coming off his first all-star season, and an overall splendid 2018 campaign. Unfortunately, he seemed to have run out of steam at the end of the season, posting OPS marks of .695 and .646 in August and September/October, respectively.

It is no surprise to see the team have interest, but at this point, Markakis is just another option. It will be a while before the Braves will have a top prospect to emerge in the outfield, as Cristian Pache and Drew Waters are still young. Atlanta does have the opportunity and resources to acquire a true gamechanger in the outfield, and they will look at all avenues to do so. The team still really, really needs a power-bat in the cleanup spot behind Freddie Freeman if they want to keep up with any of the high powered offenses that are or were in this year’s playoff field. Markakis has been great, but they may want to look at finding fresher legs at the position for the long-run.

With there already being talk of the team’s willingness to move Acuña to right field, it is clear the Braves mean business this offseason. Look for Atlanta to go after star talent, but potentially offer a deal to Markakis worth a good amount less annually than the $17.9 million he would have received from a qualifying offer if the market does not ultimately favor the Braves.

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