Andrew Cicco

Andrew Cicco

Andrew, one of our Braves writers and graphic designers, works as a cable news producer and a broadcast specialist for the Arkansas Travelers, a Double-A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners. Questions, comments and design ideas can be sent to [email protected]

Braves: Andruw Jones continues to make progress in Hall of Fame voting

On the heels of a year of baseball that is too much to explain, we find ourselves once again knocking on the door to Cooperstown. The Hall of Fame vote serves to many fans as a reminder that baseball is a mere days away. Seeing our once-beloved (and still beloved) stars walking the stage to

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Braves fall to Phillies in extra innings

After a year of uncertainty, we’re finally back in the ballpark and working on getting back to full capacity as the Braves announced not too long ago that they expanded their fan allowance to 50%.  Today was a day that, honestly, deserves to be a national holiday. A day that is the equivalent of a

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dkb190411034 ny vs atl

Braves Spring Training Roster Battles: The Bullpen

We made it, everyone. Baseball is back. We’re looking down the bottleneck of a potential full season this year after seeing the 60-game shortened 2020 campaign due to COVID-19. I’d like to tell you things are moving in the right direction regarding COVID, but I’m not particularly eager to lie. We’ve got a long way

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hank aaron 1973

Hanging Up the Hammer: Remembering the great Hank Aaron

Why couldn’t Friday morning just be a normal morning? Why couldn’t we all just get up, go to work and go about our days like nothing was out of place? Of all things to wake up to, why did we have to wake up to this? In a tragic yet powerful turn of events this

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Braves free agent targets: Eddie Rosario

Braves free-agent target: Eddie Rosario

Okay. That’s a bit better. Things are in motion, albeit in a slower motion than most would like. The MLB arbitration deadline has now passed, so all 30 teams have made small deals within their clubs. We’ve already seen Max Fried and A.J. Minter agree to new deals while Mike Soroka and Dansby Swanson look

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dgm2009010016 cle at kc

Should the Braves make a push for Jose Ramirez?

Things just got interesting; very interesting. After a winter of essentially next to nothing, the baseball world turned upside down in not even one day. Newly-minted Mets GM Steve Cohen wanted to make a splash in his first year with the team, as he has said since joining Twitter. Yesterday, he did just that. Maybe

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dct200905011 cin at pit

Braves offseason trade targets: Eugenio Suarez

Alright. Let’s take a deep breath. Monday was a big day. The baseball world exploded as San Diego traded for their second ace in two days. Not even 24 hours after acquiring Blake Snell, the Padres made a splash in Chicago, moving Zach Davies and four prospects for Cy Young contender Yu Darvish. Say what

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Vaughn Grissom

Braves: the journey of the name “Braves”

I’ve been listening to a lot of classic rock lately. It gives me a nice nostalgic rush. It’s well invited, too, with everything the world is throwing at us right now. It’s important to hold the familiarity close during times of trouble. I heard the legendary Bob Dylan cross my local radio station the other

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dct19090427 chw at cle

Braves free agent target profile: Brad Hand

Let me warn you all: I’m gonna be making a lot of “hand” puns. So get ready for those. As of right now, the Braves starting pitching is all but set in stone, following the signing of Charlie Morton and Drew Smyly. Now, their focus (as far as the pitching staff is concerned) turns to

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Braves trade deadline Yates

Braves free agent target profile: Kirby Yates

I’ve noticed a trend lately. Over the last few seasons, the Braves’ pitching staff has flip-flopped on each end, leaving one part thriving and the other struggling. In 2019, Atlanta’s desperate need was fixing the bullpen. At the end of the season, their combined ERA was 4.19, even after acquiring Chris Martin, Shane Greene and Mark Melancon before the

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