Andrew Cicco

Andrew Cicco

Andrew, one of our Braves writers and graphic designers, works as a cable news producer and a broadcast specialist for the Arkansas Travelers, a Double-A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners. Questions, comments and design ideas can be sent to
Braves by Position: Episode 2 - The Bullpen

Braves by Position: Episode 2 – The Bullpen

What’s up, Braves country? It’s been a while. A lot has happened in the last little bit. The Braves signed Marcell Ozuna to man a vacant spot in the outfield. Aspiring weather man and former third baseman Josh Donaldson moved up north to Minnesota. I found a venue for my wedding in October (that’s not

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dkb191009011 stl vs atl

BREAKING: Braves, Marcell Ozuna agree to 1 year, $18M deal

And just like that, Atlanta has their cleanup hitter. The Braves and Marcell Ozuna reached an agreement on a 1 year, $18M deal for the 2020 season. Jeff Passan broke the news moments ago. The deal is a tad shocking, as multiple reports have said that Ozuna preferred a multi-year deal. This just reflects positively

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cfm190428085 braves padres

Braves by Position, Episode 1: Starting Pitchers

It’s a cold one today in central Arkansas. I’m a Marietta native turned Arkansas, going on about seven years now in the Natural State. Already being from another southern state, I thought I was well prepared for the cold winters of a state known to locals as the “buckle of the Bible Belt.” The cold

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dga19081402 cubs v phillies

Braves: What does the Will Smith signing mean for the remaining FA market?

Yesterday was an unexpectedly eventful day. The deadline for players to accept or reject qualifying offers was yesterday at 5:00 PM, and 15 minutes before the bell rang, Alex Anthopoulos made a significant, albeit shocking, bullpen addition. The acquisition of the finesse arm out of San Fran bulks up an already strengthened bullpen. Smith, Melancon,

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dlr190508030 braves at dodgers

It’s the Braves time to shine

This is it, Braves fans. It’s do, or die time. The road paved by young superstars and years of rebuilding ends today or splits off west to Los Angeles. The back-to-back Braves proved everybody wrong winning the East. Now, it’s time to kick that M*****F****** door down. It’s now or never; win or go home.

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dhz180911026 atl vs sf

Braves: Everything you need to know about the NLDS

It’s time, ladies and gentlemen. All of our fighting, heartbreak, injuries, and determination paid off in the form of 97 wins. The Braves got the crown back in 2019 despite every analyst counting them out before the season began, which only fueled a team loaded with youthful stars. Now here we are. A few mere

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dkf190611002 pirates vs braves

Foltynewicz leads Braves to second straight NL East title

I don’t know about you, but this one feels a bit sweeter than last year’s. Let’s flashback to early March. Spring training has ended, opening day is a few short days away, and the Braves are about to start their campaign. As often happens, all the experts, major publications, and fans cast their predictions for

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dlr190508030 braves at dodgers

Braves: Foltynewicz continues to cement playoff roster spot

It’s been a strange season. Or at least a funny last couple of weeks. Chris Sale has an ERA of 4.40 on the year. Reds phenom Aristedes Aquino has 15 homers in his first 32 games. The Twins are leading the league in home runs while the Red Sox sit nine games away from elimination,

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