Clint Manry

Clint Manry

Resides near Huntsville, AL. Also writes about baseball stuff at Call to the Pen & Braves TomaBlog.
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SportsTalkATL Braves Poll: Let’s hope you guys are right

Back on March 31, we here at SportsTalkATL asked you guys to answer several polls regarding potential outcomes for the 2020 MLB season — you know, since no one knows whether or not there will be one.  In total, we featured six polls, and I have to admit the results were a lot more optimistic

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Braves: Climbing out of the rebuild had a lot to do with Kevin Seitzer

We often analyze the improvements of players by looking at numbers across various seasons, as they are constantly evolving every year. Maybe a hitter improves his approach and exercises more patience at the plate, resulting in a jump in his walk-rate; or a starting pitcher increases the spin on his fastball and starts generating more

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SportsTalkATL Braves Poll: What will MLB look like in 2020?

While none of us know what to expect in the coming weeks or months ahead, the situation regarding the current coronavirus pandemic has worsened lately. As of 3 PM (EST) on Tuesday, COVID-19 continues its spread all over the world, as there are now over 800,000 cases worldwide and 40,000 deaths. Late last week, MLB

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Braves: How a shortened season changes the landscape of the NL East

The current COVID-19 pandemic has already shaken things up for the Braves, as well as the rest of the majors. On Thursday — which would’ve been Opening Day of the 2020 season — we found out that MLB and the MLBPA had agreed on a wide variety of details, including service-time, salaries, and the upcoming

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Braves: Top 5 starting pitching performances of the 2000s

There’s a long line of incredible pitching performances that have come from the Braves, and even in the early days (especially in those early days), the franchise was a powerhouse when it came to starting pitchers. Joe Osechger, Art Nehf, and Dana Fillingim — all pitchers from the 1920s — lead the way with the

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