Ryan Pye

Ryan Pye

Ryan is a senior multimedia journalism major at Georgia Southern University. He grew up just outside of Savannah, GA, and has been a consistent fan of Atlanta sports, especially the Braves and Falcons, his entire life. Questions and comments can be directed to : ryanpye99@gmail.com
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What is the Falcons Strategy to Success?

The 2018 season was dreadful, especially for the defense. Because of that, many assumed the franchise would go after a coveted defensive lineman in the draft to beef up one of the league’s worst rush defenses and pass rushes from a year ago. So when the 14th pick rolled around, the expectation was that Atlanta would

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2019 draft class will make or break the Falcons

Let’s move past the overwhelmingly disappointing season last year, where Atlanta finished with a 7-9 record, and look ahead to the future of the franchise. A month ago, Falcons fans had nothing but optimism for their team in 2019, but now, after remaining somewhat dormant during free agency, there is a growing level of concern.

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What are the Braves waiting for?

Numerous deals are being reached, and countless rumors are flying around the league, but the Braves’ front office has been at a standstill since the early goings of the offseason. Coming off an unexpected National League East title in 2018, Braves fans have to be ecstatic about the direction the organization is going, but that

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Falcons moving forward: Where it all starts

To Falcons fans across the board, the 2018 season has been a colossal failure, and many are wondering what exactly went wrong with a team that had such high preseason expectations. Currently sitting at 4-9 on the year, Atlanta is poised to hold an early pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. While it remains to

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The Falcons did the right thing staying put at the deadline

Many Falcons fans expected the franchise to make at least some sort of move prior to the NFL Trade Deadline last week, but the team expressed no interest in doing so. Undoubtedly, Atlanta has been bitten by the injury bug in 2018, specifically on the defensive side of the football. That was the main factor

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The Future of Atlanta: Best Players on Each Team 25 and Under

The state of Atlanta’s sports teams vary, from contenders like the Braves and Atlanta United, to teams in full rebuild like the Hawks. While teams across the A are in different places as far as progress is concerned, there is one similarity shared by all of the clubs, incredible young talent. The Hawks are using

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Braves: Free Agent arms that can improve the bullpen

The Atlanta Braves were one of the biggest surprises of the 2018 season, winning the NL East despite being picked to be one of the league’s worst teams in the preseason. With young and shining talents like Ronald Acuna, Ozzie Albies and Johan Camargo alongside vets like Freddie Freeman and Ender Inciarte, the Braves have

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Atlanta Hawks: 5 things to look forward to this season

It’s no secret to Atlanta fans, and the rest of the NBA community, that the Hawks are in the midst of a monumental rebuild. Coming off a season where they compiled a 24-58 record, and finishing the year in last place in the Eastern Conference, their focus is still on a few years down the

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