Friday Rant: Hits, Runs, Strikeouts, and the Atlanta Braves

Through 30 games, the Atlanta Braves have only struck out 242 times. That may sound like a lot of strikeouts, but it’s well below one per inning, and also good for the fewest in the National League. That’s right, the team whose lineup boasts the two youngest position players in all of baseball is dead last in

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If the Atlanta Braves want to win, it’s time for new ownership

When the Atlanta Braves were acquired by Liberty Media back in 2007, it took a while for people to figure out what was going on. A corporation not fond of making long-term financial commitments had done exactly that, and for all the wrong reasons. As many know by now, the acquisition of the Atlanta Braves

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What is going on with the Atlanta Braves?

As of April 22nd, the Atlanta Braves are 12-8, and are sitting just two games out of the NL East lead despite having to reschedule two games. This young group, led by a handful of solid veterans, is right where the Washington Nationals wish they were this early in the season. While it’s important to

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Atlanta Braves: Arms, Analytics, and An Idea

As the 2018 season has begun, it’s apparent that Major League Baseball is evolving in several areas. From the front office to the dugout, clubs are beginning to experiment with new-age tactics that can be referred to in a general sense as just “analytics”. It gets more complicated from there, but my main concern is

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