Bargain-Bin Wing Options for the Hawks

With Kent Bazemore due a big pay raise when he hits free agency this summer, it’s likely time for the team to go in a separate direction. Bazemore’s pay does not warrant 8-figures annually. The Hawks have displayed a knack for extracting the most talent possible at the wing spot/ First it was Demarre Carroll, then it was Kent Bazemore. Next season it may be Tim Hardaway Jr., or the team could look to go with an outside option. If the Hawks spend money on retaining Al Horford or another big name free agent, these are some cheaper options they could pursue.

Jeff Green

The 30-year old offers nearly the same production as Bazemore at what could be a bigger discount. Green may get overpaid by a team in free agency, but he will likely net less than Bazemore. Green has always been known as that guy who has a bunch of talent who has not put it all together. Coach Bud’s system could be the ideal situation for him. A two-year deal at a fraction of what Bazemore earns would be ideal. Upgrade offensively, downgrade defensively.

Joe Johnson

Iso Joe can still shoot the ball. Whether he can handle a starting role with the team at his age is debateable but he could play a big role in replacing Bazemore via a committee approach with Sefolosha and Hardaway Jr. Offers the Hawks a scoring option at likely under $5 million.

Lance Stephenson

My favorite option here. Character concerns have scared many off from Stephenson but the Hawks’ system is so perfect for his skill set. He can offer an upgrade defensively from Bazemore and shot 39% from beyond the arc last year. He had a higher PER than Bazemore last season and looked great with Memphis. He has the potential to be an All-Star with the Hawks.

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