Best, Worst Draft Pick in Atlanta Hawks History

The beauty of the NBA Draft is that it’s a huge gamble. Anthony Bennett was drafted as the number 1 pick just a couple years ago, and it already looks like he’s leaning towards being a bust. However, Marc Gasol was the 48th overall pick, and he’s the hottest commodity on the free agent market this summer. You never know what you’re going to get. Let’s take a look at the best and worst draft pick in Atlanta Hawks franchise history.

Worst: Marvin Williams, 2nd Overall in 2005

Marvin Williams did not even start for the UNC Tar Heels in his freshman year prior to being drafted, but the Hawks were blinded by his “potential.” Atlanta selected him 2nd overall over the likes of Chris Paul, who was selected two picks later. Williams set the tone for mediocrity in Atlanta for years. Williams contributed and started for Atlanta, but he never lived up to his potential. He was about as mediocre as they come, and Chris Paul evolved into a superstar for the New Orleans Hornets. Oh, what could have been. Williams ended up being traded to the Jazz in order to shed salary space when Danny Ferry came to town in 2012. He currently plays for the Charlotte Hornets.

Best: Al Horford, 3rd Overall in 2007

Al Horford was selected 3rd overall in 2007, just a pick after the Seattle Supersonics selected Kevin Durant. Horford had just come off back to back NCAA Championships for the Florida Gators. The pick has surely paid off, as Horford is one of the most underrated stars in the league and has become the face of the franchise. The Center has been selected to three All-Star teams, and I’m sure he still has many left in the tank. Horford has ensured the Hawks a playoff birth year in and year out. With a little more help, could Horford bring the Hawks a championship? No matter what happens, Horford will be a basketball figure in Atlanta forever.

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