Bleacher Report per NBA source: “Trae [Young] will want out after the season”

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The Hawks are open season for reporters and analysts rumors with absolutely no basis. John Collins is usually the hot topic, but given the club’s recent front office makeover, it seems it’s the wild west for “sources”. And one that was just reported by Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus is Trae Young wanting out of Atlanta after the season. 

Here’s the entire exert from Pincus’ piece:

Bookmark this one for later. The Atlanta Hawks are looking to make changes, and while Trae Young is not asking out and the team isn’t trying to trade him, this could be a hot topic in the offseason.

“I think Trae will want out after the season,” one NBA source said. “The Hawks probably try to get out of John Collins and others by the deadline, but Trae’s a long shot. Maybe the [Lakers] in July with his ties to Klutch [Sports].”

Atlanta already acquired a potential replacement in Dejounte Murray. While this may not be a trade deadline topic, keep an eye on the Hawks and their relationship with Young over the coming months.

How could you possibly preface that source’s quote with ‘Trae Young is not asking out and the team isn’t trying to trade him’?

I don’t believe it’s out of the question Young potentially wants out of Atlanta. Ownership has completely ruined the franchise, and nobody should blame Young or anyone else if they wanted to distance themselves from the dysfunction, which has been well documented by us at SportsTalkATL.

Essentially, Nick Ressler, the 27-year-old son of the team’s owner, has had an increased voice and influence on all decisions in and around the team, despite just being the Director of Business and Basketball Operations. Apparently, Nick Ressler played a pivotal role in the events leading up to Schlenk’s “exile” and eventual resignation.

“It is clear that Nick Ressler’s voice is being heavily considered on all things Hawks these days.”

Nick Ressler, who has absolutely no business running a professional franchise (which he basically is now), was reportedly a driving force behind the Hawks deal to acquire Dejounte Murray. The All-Star point guard was an excellent addition, but according to Amick, “it [the trade] went down despite Schlenk expressing his concerns about the price being paid.”

Since the team’s Eastern Conference Finals run, it’s been downhill. Granted, Trae Young hasn’t done anything to stop that downward trajectory. His leadership and maturity has come into question a handful of times, having spats with both coaches and teammates.

I don’t see the Hawks parting ways with Trae Young anytime soon, but there could be a point in the near future when he wants to be traded. Ownership has shown no inclination that they know how to run an NBA franchise, regardless of the overachieving Eastern Conference Finals run.

Photographer: Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire
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