Bleacher Report’s best case QB scenario for Falcons is puzzling

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The Falcons are one of a handful of teams in desperate need of a quarterback. As always, it’ll define the offseason where the top available signal callers land.

Atlanta’s 2024 campaign hinges on what Raheem Morris and Terry Fontenot do at the position. It could end the postseason drought or keep it going. Poor quarterback play is the single biggest factor in the Falcons’ underwhelming 2023 season.

There are a couple of options that pretty much all fans would love, like trading up and drafting one of Jayden Daniels, Caleb Williams, or Drake Maye. Obviously, those scenarios are unlikely.

The more attainable quarterbacks bring about dispute, though. Some love the idea of adding a win-now option like Kirk Cousins, while others prefer the long-term potential of acquiring Justin Fields. Few, like Chase, love the idea of adding J.J. McCarthy.

However, pretty much every Falcons fan can agree that Bleacher Report’s best case scenario for the club is an abomination, cringe-worthy even.

BEST CASE: Sign Ryan Tannehill

This is going to inspire about as much enthusiasm as a trip to the orthodontist. But taking a run at Ryan Tannehill could make sense for the Falcons for a few reasons.

Yes, Tannehill struggled last season before finally giving way to youngster Will Levis. But as recently as 2021 he won 12 starts in Tennessee. Tannehill isn’t Josh Allen—but he isn’t Ridder or Heinicke. He’d be an upgrade. And given last year’s struggles, he’s not going to break the bank in free agency.

With the eighth pick in the 2024 draft, the Falcons are sort of in “No Man’s Land” at quarterback—at least three and possibly four signal-callers will likely have been taken, but most mocks have McCarthy and Nix going outside the top-10.

Even if Atlanta does draft a quarterback at No. 8, they could well need Tannehill as a bridge starter, unless Raheem Morris wants his second season as head coach to start with a top-five pick and him on the hot seat after Ridder struggles yet again.

Nothing Bleacher Report said is wrong. Ryan Tannehill would be an upgrade. Hell, if the Falcons had traded for him last offseason, I bet Arthur Smith wouldn’t have been fired because they probably would’ve won the division. However, acting like signing Tannehill in free agency would be the best case scenario for the Falcons is almost insulting.

Now, I don’t hate the idea of drafting someone like J.J. McCarthy and signing a bridge option in free agency, but it would be a hell of a lot more appetizing if it were someone like Kirk Cousins, who will cost more than Tannehill yet offers much more potential for immediate success.

The Falcons couldn’t expect fans’ unwavering support if they somehow went from Marcus Mariota to Desmond Ridder to Taylor Heinicke to Ryan Tannehill. It would be completely underwhelming.

Photographer: Bryan Lynn/Icon Sportswire
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