Braves DFA Bartolo Colon


The end of an era.

SportsTalkATL was all aboard the Bartolo Colon bandwagon coming into the season, but it seems like father time has caught up with him. At 43, Colon was an all-star with the Mets last season. He changed the way he pitched, using primarily fastballs, which allowed him to continue to have success into his mid-40s. However, 44 has been anything but kind to Bartolo.

The Big Sexy has been miserable with the Braves. Maybe he just hates Atlanta, given his success with the Mets and his now failed attempt with the Braves. Colon registered a 2-8 record, with a dismal 8.14 ERA in his 13 starts with Atlanta. The ERA was by far the highest mark of his career, and almost a full 2.5 runs higher than his ERA when he broke into the league as a 19-year old with the Indians.

All jokes aside, Colon was not too far away from reaching some incredible career milestones. He has been a fan favorite across the entire MLB for quite some time, and his run with the Braves was sad if anything. There is not a person who follows baseball that does not what to see Colon succeed. So with that, All of Atlanta would like to wish you the best in the future, Mr. Colon.

And we take you back to perhaps the Big Sexy’s proudest moment as a major leaguer!

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