Braves fans will never guess Chris Sale’s first MLB autograph

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It seems like every other acquisition that comes to Atlanta grew up as a Braves fan. Obviously, you have hometown heroes like Michael Harris II and Matt Olson, but it’s more regional and even national than that.

The primary reason for that is Ted Turner. When he owned the organization, the Braves were broadcast nationally on TBS. Moreover, they’re the only professional team in Atlanta that has experienced any sustained success, and no other team in baseball has a region of the country behind them — Braves Country, or the entire southeast.

So, it’s no surprise that the newest member of the team grew up a fan of the Braves — Chris Sale. 

For sports fans in Atlanta, the Falcons and Hawks have done nothing but disappoint. The Braves are about the only thing the city has to hang its hats on, especially if you’re not a Bulldog.

Chris Sale is like so many others, and there will be another crop of ball players coming through grassroots programs across the country who will idolize these Atlanta Braves.

Ronald Acuna Jr. is the most exciting player in baseball. Spencer Strider might be the most entertaining pitcher in the game, and then there’s the home run king in Matt Olson. Oh yeah, there’s also Ozzie Albies, Michael Harris II, and Austin Riley to bode. Whatever the flavor, the Braves have a star for everyone.

Sale’s favorite player growing up was none other than Larry Wayne Jones. In his first press conference with the Atlanta media, Sale said his first autograph when he was younger was Chipper Jones. How fitting is that?

Photographer: David Griffin/Icon Sportswire


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