Braves free agent Joc Pederson comments on his and Freddie Freeman’s future


As the MLB lockout rages on, baseball fans have been left holding their peanuts. Hopefully, it’s resolved sooner or later before it does permanent damage to America’s pastime.

The Braves have frequented national media’s headlines regarding their public financials and Freddie Freeman’s looming free agency decision. Atlanta’s impressive revenue figures have made things tense with fans, given the reports we’ve seen. But what we do know is those reports have suggested Freeman will act quickly once the lockout ends. ESPN’s Buster Olney recently informed us that the belief around the league is that Freeman will be signing elsewhere.

Nobody knows what’s going to happen when the lockout ends with Freeman’s decision, but Joc Pederson knows whoever signs him will be ecstatic landing him even if he hasn’t had any contact with the former MVP.

Pederson is also an unrestricted free agent after opting out of his contract earlier this offseason. The swagger he brought to the team last season helped spark the Braves turnaround, which of course, led to Atlanta’s first title since 1995. However, much like Freddie, it’s unknown whether he will be returning to the Braves. Pederson wants to play every day, and it’s unlikely that can happen in Atlanta.

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