Braves: Kenley Jansen pens goodbye to his “favorite team growing up”

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Braves Country only experienced cheering on Kenley Jansen for one season, but the connection was strong, even if there were rocky moments. It was unlikely that he’d return for a second season for a myriad of reasons but chiefly because he was reportedly garnering a multi-year deal. At first, it looked like the Giants were the frontrunners, but the Red Sox swooped in and inked Jansen to a two-year contract worth $32 million.

At least the Braves won’t have to face Jansen unless they meet the Sox in the World Series. Boston has one hell of a fan base, so I’m sure they’ll show Jansen love, but they’re also notoriously hostile. If anyone can handle it, it’s Jansen; he is a consummate professional, so it’s no surprise he thanked the Braves organization and fans in a heartfelt message via Instagram.

It’s wild how many Braves players — Michael Harris II, Matt Olson, Dansby Swanson, Nick Markakis, and more — were childhood fans of the very club they played for. It must be a dream come true for these guys, Jansen included, to don the Tomahawk across their chest, even if it is for a short time. We wish Kenley Jansen nothing but success in his future endeavors unless, of course, it’s against the Braves.

Photographer: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire
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