Braves: Kevin Gausman suspended five games

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The Braves announced on Monday that Kevin Gausman has been suspended five games (essentially one start) and fined for intentionally throwing at Jose Ureña last Friday night.

Gausman is appealing the suspension, so it will not take effect until the ruling is upheld, meaning he will start as scheduled tonight in Los Angeles.

This is borderline absurd. Everybody in the world knew Jose Ureña was due a beam ball after the cowardly stunt he pulled last year on Ronald Acuña. Gausman didn’t go for his head. Instead, he aimed low. On top of that, he didn’t even hit him and was immediately ejected with no warning issued beforehand. How the hell does that warrant an extra five-game suspension? Hopefully, the appeal process works correctly and this will be rescinded. Although, I’m in doubt that will happen.

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