Braves: Luke Jackson to represent Braves in MLB The Show tournament

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The sports world is on hold. Networks such as ESPN are left with nothing to show but documentaries and talk shows. However, creative minds have come together to get some of these professional athletes to compete in their respective sport’s video games. The NBA 2K20 tournament has been a hit, with Atlanta’s very own Trae Young as a contestant. Now, the MLB is going a similar route.

Major League Baseball is holding a competition between players on MLB The Show. One player from each team will represent their home club and play a 29 game season with a postseason after that. For Atlanta, that representative is no other than relief pitcher Luke Jackson.

Is Jackson any good? I have no idea. But this is the closest thing we are getting to Major League Baseball for the time being. Be sure to check out the games on YouTube and Twitch to support Luke!

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