Braves: Marcell Ozuna leads the MLB in a hilarious stat

Marcell Ozuna Braves playoff roster

Marcell Ozuna has turned the clocks back this season. After nearly capturing the Triple Crown in 2020, the Braves inked the Big Bear to a four-year, $65 million deal. However, up until this point, he’s severely underachieved.

Not only has he been a headache off the field, but he’s also been a black hole on the field. It was fair to wonder when and if Alex Anthopoulos would eventually part ways with him. Most of Braves Country wanted that to come to fruition, and who could blame them?

Well, the Braves stuck with Ozuna for financial and chemistry reasons. He is owed a massive chunk of cash and is an incredible locker room presence. The club places emphasis on that facet of a player’s value, so it’s no surprise Atlanta hung on to Ozuna.

Moreover, his track record of success suggested a breakout could be coming, and boy has it.

Across 40 games dating back to May 2, Marcell Ozuna has blasted 12 long balls to go along with a .306 average, good for a .978 OPS. He finally looks like himself again, enjoying the game of baseball, apparent in his most recent home run trot.

In the 10th inning against the Phillies on Thursday, Ozuna blasted a two-run home run to extend the Braves lead to 5-0, taking his time around the bases and celebrating with third base coach Ron Washington, which didn’t sit well with the Philadelphia announcers.

Well, that video, which has now gone viral, prompted Grant McAuley to provide us with this incredible stat for Marcell Ozuna — the longest average home run trot time in the MLB.

I am not a traditionalist, so I love excessive celebrations. A lot of baseball fans were around when the wheel was invented, which prompts them to continue to push their conservative approach to the sport. It’s not that serious. It’s not embarrassing the other team as much as it’s celebrating your own accomplishments.

It’s simple; if you don’t like it, don’t hang a meatball over the plate to a slugger like Marcell Ozuna. Unfortunately for all of the complainers, most of the players on the field don’t mind this type of celebration.

David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire

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