Braves: Nats are “in heavy” on Donaldson

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Josh Donaldson’s status is still up in the air, but Jon Heyman & Bob Nightengale provided some updates for us.



It feels like we’ve been beating this drum for a while, but we know Braves Country is anticipating Donaldson’s every move. Washington has made it clear their window is still wide open after losing 2 of their best players over the past 2 seasons. JD prefers Atlanta and plans on giving them a chance to match whatever offer he gets.

While this might feel like a non story, I think the most interesting part is him willing to let Atlanta match. Heyman says he is unsure if he hits $100 million. I don’t see how he doesnt. Nightengale said Washington is offering 4 years in excess of $90 million, so if the Braves are going to re-sign him, you have to think that extra year will be a requirement.

Donaldson could sign at any moment. We will keep you updated with any more developments.

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