Braves Report: Kenley Jansen chose Atlanta over Los Angeles Dodgers

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Braves and Dodgers fans will both have to watch one of the most prolific players in their respective franchises’ recent history play for their most hated rival. Freddie Freeman in Dodger Blue will look strange, but Kenley Jansen pitching for Braves Country is equally peculiar.

As the signings were being digested, new reports surfaced on how the events played out. Freeman apparently overplayed his hand, and Alex Anthopoulos called his bluff. Then, the team announced the signing of Jansen on a one-year, $16 million deal Friday night, and Sunday morning, Jansen told Justin Toscano that he chose Atlanta over Los Angeles.

AA went as far as to ask Will Smith if he’d be okay with bringing Jansen in, and of course, Smith obliged, citing his desire to win another championship. The Braves are absolutely loaded; they have arguably the most powerful lineup and the best bullpen in baseball. Anthopoulos and his front office deserve a lot of praise for the incredibly impressive roster they’ve assembled.



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