Braves: Ronald Acuña wins NL Player of the Week

9531904010174 braves v cubs

Remember when people were worried Ronald Acuña might be heading for a sophomore slump after his slow start to the season? Yes, I know, how could anybody conjure such a thought, but there were some people flaunting their concerns (You know who you are).

Acuña put a rapid end to such fears in week number two of the season, earning NL Player of the Week honors.

Here are Acuña’s gaudy numbers from last week: .545/.630/1.091 with a 1.721 OPS, three home runs and nine RBIs, including this 462-foot tank job off the second deck at SunTrust Park.

Acuña is 21-years old and already among the ten best players in the game. There is not going to be a sophomore slump, just a lot of long home runs. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Year of the Acuña.

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