Braves: Rumors around starting pitchers heating up


The Braves were linked to Dallas Keuchel again late last night. This time by Jon Heyman an insider for the MLB Network.

That prompted a response from’s Mark Bowman reminding us all that the Braves have not had contact with Keuchel or his representatives. This was the exact same thing he said when the Keuchel rumors began to flourish a little over a week ago.

Instead of Bowman and Heyman duking it out with each other- like we all wanted to see- Heyman cleared things up by admitting that while the Braves would love to add Keuchel, there has yet to be any sort of contact between the two sides. He also included several other interesting bits of information.

This seems much more in tune with what is actually going on rather than the Braves being close to inking a deal with anyone- let alone Keuchel. While it may hurt for some fans to come to terms with, the Braves don’t have a lot of money left to spend in free agency. Keuchel is an option, but only if his market is considerably colder than that of Patrick Corbin’s. If the Braves are going to acquire a top-of-the-line starting pitcher, it’s much more likely to come through a trade- like one with the Indians.

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