Braves Sign Peter Moylan to Minor League Deal

The Braves announced earlier this week that they had signed former fan favorite reliever Peter Moylan to a minor league deal. Moylan will try to make his way back to the Atlanta bullpen in which he dominated for 3 seasons. Whether it was his unique pitching style, wearing long sleeves on both arms to cover up his tattoo sleeves or for having TNT by AC/DC be his introduction song, the thought of a reunion with the Australian pitcher is an exciting one for Braves fans. Moylan’s story is an odd one. He was out of professional baseball in America for 8 years, but the Braves liked what they saw at the 2006 World Baseball Classic and gave him a chance. Moylan made his major league debut a year later in his late twenties. Long Story short, Moylan caught a case of Bravesitis (Torn UCL) and is a double Tommy John surgery guy. Moylan played over a span of 7 years for Atlanta, but only pitched in a full major league season in 3 of those years. But when he has been healthy, he has been an effective work horse. In 2007, he had a 1.80 ERA over 80 games. In 2009, he had a 2.84 ERA in 87 games. A year later, he had a 2.97 ERA in 85 games. Moylan pitched well in 38 games in AAA in 2013, but struggled in 14 games at the big league level with the Dodgers.  With the success he has had with Roger McDowell in his corner, why not give Moylan a chance at the right price? I’m certainly hoping I get to hear TNT played at least one last time at the Ted.

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