Braves: There is no shortage of free agent suitors for Dansby Swanson

Alex Anthopoulos Dansby Swanson

As the winter continues, it’s become increasingly evident the Braves won’t be the top bidder for Dansby Swanson. Reports have surfaced that Atlanta offered Swanson a deal worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million, which was rejected. Then, a rumor, reported by Jon Heyman, stated the club rejected a $140 million counteroffer. Braves Country might want to come to grips with the idea of life without Swanson.

The most damning fact of the situation is how many free agent suitors Swanson has. There are far more organizations out there with a need for a shortstop who are willing to dig deep into their pockets than there are high-quality options. With Xander Bogaerts and Trea Turner off the table, Carlos Correa and Swanson are the only ones left to command lucrative contracts, but there are more than a handful of teams vying for those two.

The Cardinals, Cubs, Red Sox, Braves, Giants, Twins, and potentially a few more clubs are all searching for a shortstop. The Cubs, Cardinals, and Twins are reportedly in on Swanson. Minnesota wants Correa first and foremost but is reportedly eyeing Swanson as a backup. However, they will have to contend with Chicago and St. Louis. 

There is no shortage of free agent suitors for Dansby Swanson. Correa is the jackpot for some of these teams, but Swanson is a more than acceptable consolation prize. He’s the best defensive shortstop in baseball, which will only become more valuable as the shift is banned. The Georiga native has elite intangibles and is coming off the best offensive season of his career, one that ended in All-Star honors.

The market in general, particularly at the shortstop position, is crazy this offseason. With Bogaerts and Turner both signing for $275+ million, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if Swanson fetches somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 million, especially with the big market teams competing for his services.

It’s not that the Braves can’t afford Swanson; Alex Anthopoulos may not value him as much as other clubs. There’s no reason to go beyond your comfort range because others are willing to pay more. That is how mistakes are made. However, some could argue that method resulted in a massive error by letting Freddie Freeman go, but these situations differ.

Swanson isn’t close to the player that Freeman was or even is — a future Hall of Famer. I think it’s a much easier pill to swallow letting Swanson walk than Freeman. He’s going to get paid, and AA won’t be a prisoner of the moment. If Swanson is to return, it’s because he’s giving the Braves a hometown discount.

Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

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