Braves: Tyler Matzek and Josh Tomlin provide hilarious details on Joc Pederson, Tommy Pham rift

Joc Pederson

Much has been made about the Tommy Pham, Joc Pederson fiasco that took place recently. If you don’t know what happened, here’s a quick rundown. Pham slapped Pederson in the face over a fantasy football dispute about a month ago in Cincinnati before a game. Pham was subsequently served a three-game suspension.

Pederson, who played a critical role in the Braves’ 2021 World Series, said he was accused of cheating for the way he utilized the fantasy league’s injured reserve spot. While Pham claims the rift stemmed from a text message sent by Pederson to the league’s group chat that disrespected his former teammates on the Padres.

We know it was a big money league too. Pham said it was a $10,000 entry fee for the 12-team league, but the last-place team had to pay an additional $10,000 to the winner. That is a potential $130,000 pot for the winner, so this isn’t some innocent dispute. Pham also blamed Mike Trout, the league’s commissioner, for not addressing the situation.

So, now that you know the gist of the entire debacle. Here are some more details from Tyler Matzek and Josh Tomlin:

That is hilarious cowardness from Pederson, who Braves Country holds in very high regard. I would’ve thought that Joc is the type to say what he means to someone’s face and deal with the consequences immediately, even if it is a physical altercation. Maybe he was trying to avoid a fight; something that most reasonable people would respect. However, Tomlin calls a spade a spade. “How’re you going to let him b*tch slap you?” And he’s right. By all accounts, this is a hysterical story though.


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