Braves Release Jonny Venters

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The Braves announced Saturday that they are parting ways with veteran reliever Jonny Venters. Mark Bowman broke the news on Twitter about an hour ago.

The once renowned set-up man for the Braves is posting a forgetful 17.36 ERA on the season with only one save in nine games. He allowed four runs in the ninth inning of last night’s win, making it a 12-8 victory. The 2018 comeback player of the year never found command of his pitches this season and was no longer an option that could be relied on in any situation. However, it was nice to witness the lefty sinkerball regain his confidence and pitch effectively once again at the major league level after several Tommy John Surgeries.

Jerry Blevins takes his place on the big league roster. He is available for tonight’s game against Milwaukee.

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