Breaking Down John Coppolella’s Q & A

John Coppolella did a Q&A on the Braves official Twitter page called #AskCoppy on Monday, and he had a lot of great answers for some tough questions. He also fired back at a couple haters and joked around with the fans, which was the best part of it all. Here are a couple of highlights:

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It was great to see John excited about the future, and he also got a chance to defend himself from accusations from fans that he’s “ruining” the Braves. The organization seems to be an open book when it comes to drafting, and the selection of a “college hitter” could pay off big for the Braves.

Top College Hitters from 2013-2015

1. 2015- Dansby Swanson

2. 2014- Kyle Schwarber

3. 2013- Kris Bryant


Coppolella seems to be following the drafting blueprint of Theo Epstein’s Cubs, and if history repeats itself, the Braves could get an impact hitter that reaches the Major Leagues within 2 years. Another interesting subject was 3rd base; Coppy said it was going to be heavily watched during Spring Training. Olivera could potentially be moved back to alleviate a crowded outfield. Coppy keeps pushing the point of a World Series, and I think we can reach it sooner than expected; like the Mets. I think that this team can go .500 due to an improved offense and improved bullpen. Yes, the offense will be improved by Erick Aybar, Hector Olivera, and a couple of new faces. The Bullpen is coming around with the return of Chris Withrow, Shae Simmons, and Jason Grilli, while Former stars Alexi Ogando and Jim Johnson will attempt to turn their careers around and help this young team.  It all kicks off tomorrow with Williams Perez’s start in the Grapefruit League opener against Baltimore. Go Braves!

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