Cam Newton implies he’s still better than Falcons QB Marcus Mariota

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Cam Newton famously said, “There’s not 32 guys better than me. If you think I couldn’t be on somebody’s team right now, you’re a (darn) fool.” The former Heisman Trophy winner said that during an appearance on The Pivot Podcast earlier in the year. And he’s back with similar sentiments.

On an episode of the I Am Athlete podcast recently, Brandon Marshall brought up the now-infamous moment, and Newton didn’t disappoint, telling Marshall and the crowd that he’s still not the 32nd-ranked quarterback in the league. Adding, “Y’all got one in this city [Atlanta] that ain’t better than me, god d*amn.”

Obviously, the former Panther is implying he’s better than Marcus Mariota, who has been the subject of controversy following the Falcons latest loss to the Steelers. After Mariota’s poor performance on Sunday, Arthur Smith left the door open to a quarterback change as the team falls further and further out of playoff contention.

The veteran finished with another lackluster stat line — 167 yards, one touchdown, and one interception on 54.2% passing. Mariota missed more than a handful of pass catchers with overthrows, including a game-sealing interception. For the season, he’s been average, at best.

However, the last time we saw Cam Newton, he looked like a shell of his former MVP self. He returned to Carolina, where his career began and appeared in eight games, starting five of them, and posted the worst numbers of his career. He threw for 684 yards, four touchdowns and five interceptions on 54.8% passing, which led to no team signing him this past offseason.

He was absolutely electric during his prime, but Cam Newton is delusional if he thinks he can still win in the NFL. He had a more than fair chance in 2020 with the Patriots and went 7-8. The amount of hits he’s taken would have ended any average quarterback’s career in a flash, but Newton is a physical specimen. He was elite for a short period of time, which is better than almost anyone can say about their life.

Newton even took a step further, telling the crowd and Marshall that there isn’t a signal caller in the NFC South better than him, which includes Tom Brady. If you watch the entire video, which I linked below, you can tell there is a bit of humor in the way Newton said it, but he still said it. He’s been the best player in most rooms he’s ever walked in, but his career is over.


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