Can DeAndre Bembry finally come into his own for the Hawks in 2018-19?


DeAndre Bembry is a point-forward player entering his third season who has the versatility to defend multiple positions. However, he has faced a lot of adversity already in his career. Weeks before he was a first-round selection of the Hawks in 2016, his brother was shot and killed. Between G-Leagues stints, earning playing time and injuries, Bembry has been limited to just 64 of 164 potential games to this point in his two-year NBA career.

DeAndre Bembry showed great potential at St. Joe’s, but it was clear that his biggest problem coming into the league was his perimeter scoring. He has shown flashes but has been far from consistent in his time on the court. However, Bembry is far from a lost cause. Last season, he shot 36.7% from beyond the arc. The bad news that this is a minuscule sample size (11-for-30). With that being said, if Bembry could sustain this level of shooting, he has the game to be a very successful player in the NBA.

Take that into account and the fact that he is finally healthy, this is a make it or break it year for Bembry. Taurean Prince has clearly established himself as the starting 3, but there should still be a solid amount of minutes for him, and his versatility allows him to back up multiple positions. This is something that gives him a niche in the NBA and offers him potential.

Bembry also had an arrest for reckless driving in Atlanta. While this is not the most serious offense, it can raise questions about his maturity level and whether he will be part of the team’s future. Some on-court production will have people forgetting in no time (though most of us probably had).

The Hawks have so many young players coming in that Bembry has almost become an afterthought. The 24-year old is still in a position to prove he can be a part of this organization, especially with an opportunity with a new head coach. If he does not make an impact next season, the Hawks will count their losses. However, do not be surprised if the Hawks get way more than expected from Bembry next season in what will hopefully be his first full season as a pro.

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